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Case Management 101

Every firm that practices in even one (1) area of law needs to think of a strategy to track the firm's matters. Every area of practice should have at least one "type" - such as Personal Injury or Litigation. Within each single area of practice, (which is a top-level "name" if you think about it for very long), there are usually at least one or two (often more than 10 or 20) sub-types (such as Auto, Medical Malpractice, or for Litigation - Tort and Class Action), which is why, even if the firm is only practicing in a single area at the beginning, that there be a Type and at least a single corresponding sub-type.

There are many not-so-obvious (to the law-practicing attorney - as opposed to the management attorney or the paralegal/staff person) reasons for having these distinctions. The distinctions are necessary for the firm to keep track of the details which will help the firm manage the workload and the day-to-day workflows.