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Excedere Training & Consulting offers many different services including installation, customization and data conversion of Practice Management programs, Document Management software and their associated data/documents. If your firm wants a review of Practice Management software which offer a specific feature set, we can review specific programs and offer recommendations that best suit your firm's needs. Once you have selected a Practice Management program, Excedere Training & Consulting can install and customize the program so that the basic features work the way that your firm requires. For those firms who want to take advantage of the advanced features of practice management software: Excedere Training & Consulting offers customization utilizing the advanced concepts based on the program's automation features.

Document Management Software (DMS) as well comes in various options (cloud-based or on-premise), integration with various popular software programs such as MS Office and Adobe (PDF) programs. Selecting the best DMS for your firm requires a thorough understanding of your internal document current and future needs, including from both a security and accessibility perspective. 

If you need to develop custom reports, Excedere Training & Consulting utilizes the BIRT reporting tool to develop reports which pull data from many different programs, producing reports and charts that provide the in-depth data analysis (at a glance) that firms need to make accurate assessments of their business's activity.


  • Consulting

    Consulting services include examination and evaluation of practice management and document management software as related to the needs of the client. The many options, such as cloud or on-premise considerations should be discussed and settled before moving forward with other concerns, such as features, updates and basic functionality needed. Consulting also includes workflow evaluation, documentation review, policies and procedures (as they relate to the practice management or document management implementation), and training delivery and assessment. You can use Excedere Training & Consulting to evaluate current software (if you are trying to decide which program meets your needs), or you can have us evaluate your usage of your current software to assess and assist in the improvement of your daily processes.

  • Training

    Training options provided by Excedere Training & Consulting include a variety of types and can include various documentation options as well. Individual training (often known as one-on-one or train-the-trainer training can be customized to the level your firm needs. Excedere's training philosophy is that the best training occurs in a face-to-face environment, but acknowledges that sometimes travel and other considerations dictate that remote training be utilized. If so, training sessions should be kept to minimum numbers and can be delivered with students in one room (viewing the same screen) or by sitting individually at their computers. Typically smaller numbers of students, when choosing the group approach are preferred, usually between 8-10 students in one session.

    When delivering training the need for documentation is often discussed. Documentation can vary from students' notes to custom documentation created especially for the specific session. The custom documentation can take the form of written, screencast, or video training options. Session types vary depending on scope of content, length of session, and number of participants, as well as delivery method.