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Excedere Training & Consulting provides customized training on the practice management programs supported. This training takes many forms, ranging from one-on-one user-level training to small group lectures. As the best approach in training is to be face-to-face (an acceptable alternative would be remotely connected via video camera), most individuals and small groups can benefit from the visible interaction that seeing the person delivering/receiving the training provides. Some of the various training forms include:

  • one-on-one individual user training
  • one-on-one individual administrator training
  • small group user training (lecture)
  • firm "lunch & learn" - specific topics covered during a firm-provided lunch hour
  • screencasts (short videos containing step-by-step instructions captured via video with a voice overlay providing instructions)
  • documentation - .pdf documentation including step-by-step screen shots and explanation
  • "brain dump" - accelerated learning on a specific topic with in-depth technical information provided (as requested)

All of the above sessions are customized to meet the client's specific needs. Training can be done using a "hands-on" approach, or by using the lecture (users watch, instructor demonstrates) technique. Documentation, when provided, is customized to include examples pertnient to the firm's usage of their practice management program.